Church Road, Tunbridge Wells - How did the site look before BT's time ?

Norfolk Hotel replaced Dorset House, Church Road

The Norfolk Hotel, formerly known as Pangbourne House, replaced Dorset House at No. 14 Church Road. (see: map of 1839). The Hotel functioned for 50 years between 1909 to 1959.
Nos. 10 - 12, Dorset Place, in Church Road and No. 14, Norfolk Hotel, in Church Road were demolished in the early 1960's to make space for Telephone House, the administrative headquarters of the Tunbridge Wells telephone area. The office opened in 1965.

Unbelievable, but this is the same site from 1965 to the demolition of Telephone House in February 2003.

Telephone House was errected under government indemnity of planning control

Crest Nicholson's and Southgate Developments' (BT) proposed replacement in 2000 for the 21st century

April 2002 - CALA Homes took over BT/Crest Nicholson's controversial planning permission for the high density development of Telephone House in Tunbridge Wells of which "the final plans please no-one"

Demolition of Telephone House in February 2003