York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Nos. 1 - 9 York Road

From the far left: National Westminster Bank - then Nos 1 to 9 York Road

No. 5 York Road, Tunbridge Wells
4-storeys townhouse - with an average of 45 sq. metres living area per floor
with NO parking facilites in front of the door ( - single yellow line on one side - double yellow line on the other side of the road)

Despite the valuable arguments of THNA and neighbours planning consent to convert the townhouse into multi-flats was given at delegated officer level.

27 September 2003

Planning Application: TW/03/2059 - Conversion of Townhouse into 5 flats
Applicant: P. H. Dabner, 44 Quarry Road, Tunbridge Wells
Agent: Chris Anderson Architects, 137 London Road, Southborough Tunbridge Wells TN4 0ND

Planning Department, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Town Hall - Tunbridge Wells
Case Officer: John Lay
Head of Planning: David Prentis

Lynne Tucker, Vice-Chairman
The Telephone House Neighbours Association

I write on behalf of the members of the Telephone House Neighbours Association regarding the above planning application as it indirectly involves issues surrounding the Telephone House development by CALA Homes. [ CALA Homes own No. 27 York Road, sharing the boundary of Telephone House site, Church Road / York Road ]

This proposed development in York Road would not add to the quality of the environment and its surrounding area. The previous planning application ‘Change of use of offices to a single residential unit’ [ October 2002 ] was acceptable to residents. However, 5 flats crammed into the same living space are wholly unacceptable and will have a huge impact on the already overcrowded York Road.

Little regard in connection with this planning application has been given to lifestyle-problems i.e. neighbours' noise, grievances about blaring music, bawling children, rowing parents the likes of which have trebled between 1986 and 1996 and constitute more than two-thirds of all complaints to environmental health officers.
Prospective buyers will encounter problems i.e. lack of privacy, lack of amenities, insufficient parking, living in high density and an outdated town infrastructure. Surely, the Council and the builder are aware of this ?
Residents already struggle with limited parking in this street and within zone C. So, yet more vehicles from further multi-occupancy will exasperate the situation.

However, our biggest fear is that should this planning application be granted it would set a precedent for all those who own a townhouse within York Road. Particularly our “friends” CALA Homes - who now own 27 York Road - would have a chance to make a further planning application to convert their property into multi-occupancy. They have already shown no scruples with regard to their mass development and I have no doubt that they would capitalise on this planning application should it be passed.

The living standard of York Road residents should not be compromised by yet more social and transitional housing. We already have enough social housing provision in this street and the towncentre area. We do not wish for this to increase.

The Borough Council have let residents of this area down badly in recent years. Here is your chance to support us and reject this planning application forthwith.

??? March 2004 ???

Millionaire will be astonished about the interpretation of mixed communities.

Will the Priory development have the same view towards the rear of No. 5 York Road as York Road has towards the rear of Dudley Road windows ????

Will CALA Homes buyers of Norfolk Heights and Norfolk Mews be as pleased to have the same views within their own development - 8 units social / transitional / low cost housing ??????????

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